The Peach State Allegros Chapter 215

The Peach State Allegros passion is traveling, making new friends and enjoying the Tiffin Roughing it Smoothly lifestyle.

We're a Tiffin Allegro Club with members from Georgia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.  Our Wagon Master schedules multiple rallies and gatherings during the year and posts them on our Rally Schedule page.  Our members then select a rally they would like to host. Hosting is a team effort and our members often team up to share the hosting duties.  Hosting guidelines and suggestions are also available.

If you're a Tiffin owner, a Tiffin Allegro Club member and spend your time in the Southeast, The Peach State Allegros might be the club for you!

The new Peach State Gray Ball Cap was a bit hit at our September rally at Willow Valley RV Resort and although we did not sell out, Jim Griffin thinks he's got a hit.  We also had numerous orders for the new PSA Garden Flag and we expect the same excitement at the October Flamingo Lake Rally in Jacksonville. 

Peach State Allegros photo's